Trademark Expert Services

Here are some trademark expert services that could matter for your business.

  1. Phone call with Ruth (free)
  2. Branding brainstorm for those considering new trademarks (1 hour)
  3. Professional trademark search (even if you don’t register, you don’t want to invest in someone else’s name).
  4. Federal, State, Canadian trademark registration, maintenance and docketing (specifics vary greatly).
  5. Intervention with USPTO on behalf of mark owner (was your application rejected or put on hold?)
  6. Internet domain name re-capture
  7. Trademark “cease and desist” letters
  8. Trademark infringement negotiations
  9. Intervention with large on-line marketers
    • Ali-Baba
    • Amazon
    • Walmart
    • eBay
  10. Copyright advice and/or
  11. Business referrals to business partners with expert skills:
    1. Litigators for lawsuits
    2. Patent attorneys
    3. Design patent attorneys
    4. Expert business services we work with
  12. Trademark Licensing, Sale or Transfer