Primal Branding

There is a "common sense" model for understanding and creating successful brands that lend clarity to "trademark" selection and management.  This model is referred to as "Primal Branding" by Patrick Hanlon. The most successful brands (and hence trademarks) are ones that build a "culture of belief" around the products.  ( culture attracts customers because it allows them to "belong" to something that they identify with at a deep level.  An example of a VERY strong brand is Harley Davidson, where believers tattoo the brand on their bodies. This model is a powerful guide for making branding and trademark decisions, and maximizing the payback for BOTH old and new branding and trademark investments.

A business could demonstrate significant added value by producing an inventory of their trademarks, organized by brands, and doing a quick preliminary analysis of their "Primal Branding" content AND potential.  If this process is adopted, businesses will undoubtedly want to refresh and add to their trademark and brand portfolio. 

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