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Copyrights are automatically granted protection upon creation. Registering your copyrights, however, provides extraordinary protection, greater penalties, and attorney's fees in cases of infringement.

Original works include writings, art, film, architecture, photography, sculpture, logos, music, video, web pages, software, books, computer programs, plays, paintings, photographs, motion pictures, sound recordings, and much more.  

Creators of original works are granted rights that can be worth money and goodwill that you can pass to your heirs. As a general rule these right last for the life of the creator plus seventy years (less for corporate creations). These include the right to publish, distribute, perform, record, and adapt the work. Like ordinary property, you can license, transfer or assign the rights to others.


Our experienced team knows the nuances of copyright law and regularly works with both organizations and individuals on a wide range of copyright-related matters.

Some of our copyright practice’s areas of expertise include:

  • Copyright Registration . 
  • Preparing Work Made for Hire Agreements to transfer ownership of the work.
  • Conducting investigations to determine ownership and registration status.  
  • Prepare licenses for derivative works and compilations. 
  • Litigating claims of copyright infringement. 
  • Issues relating to the import and/or exclusion of counterfeit merchandise. 
  • Protecting copyrights on content accessible via the Internet. 

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