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Ruth Mae Finch is a trademark attorney and the founder of Finch & Associates, LLC. She created the firm to help small and large businesses alike have access to trademark lawyers who are affordable and responsive to their needs. 

Ruth represents a wide range of clients, ranging from small start-up businesses to large corporations throughout the country.

Ruth previously worked as the head litigator at Stevens, Davis, Miller & Mosher. LLP.  Her extensive experience allows her to understand the business realities facing her clients, helping her to negotiate the most favorable deals possible for her clients.

Ruth has family roots in the law and successful litigation going back nearly 70 years.  Her father Walter G. Finch established a patent practice in the 1940’s, insisted on educational opportunity for his four daughters, grew his intellectual property practice (patent, trademark and copyright), and engaged in active IP litigation until his death in 1997. 

While in law school, Ruth worked for her father’s intellectual property practice.  Upon passing the bar she was sworn in as a Baltimore prosecuting attorney.  After serving 11 years as a prosecutor (where she earned the nickname “First Degree Finch” for her tenacity and record of litigation success), Ruth re-joined her father’s practice in 1990 and grew the firm's trademark and copyright business until 1997.


As trademark, branding, copyright and patent issues exploded with change as the Internet emerged, Ruth chose to innovate with persons and technology.  Her husband Marcos Ferrer, CBAP®, joined her practice for his business strategy, business process analysis, technology knowledge and wide ranging marketing, branding and business consulting experience.

Whether you are having IP issues, or you want to avoid them, Finch & Associates takes your business to the next level. If you value the development and protection of your trademarks, we can advise you and protect you.  

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